A one-stop-shop to manage your payment channels.

  • Reducing costs

  • Improving customer experience

  • Giving you payment flexibility

protected data

Secure and robust

As a cloud-based solution, KxPayments is always available, secure and scalable. Running on Kinetic Pulse means that even in busy periods you can be confident your payment solution will support your operation.

card payment

Wide variety of payment methods

KxPayments supports a wide range of payment methods from the usual ones such as credit cards, direct debits and wire transfers; to a wealth of alternative payment methods including Online Banking, Alipay, UnionPay and WeChatPay which will especially wow and satisfy your international students.

Get the best rates, always

KxPayments helps switching acquirers easily for the best rates and can be used as your chosen Payment Service Provier for the full benefit and flexibility of the product, or full integration can be achieved to your existing solution including WPM and many more.
manual input

Operational Excellence

Reduce the amount of time spent on things like transferring online payments into your back-office system, chasing payments or looking into failing payments due to expired card details. You can change the card details easy and on-time with automated reminders.

user friendly

A holistic approach

Manage all aspects of the student journey in one location, making the whole process efficient and effective, and have more confidence that all relevant data is to hand when needed.

Pressure to perform well

Future-proof solution

With frequent updates and support for new payment mechanisms being added all the time, KxPayments avoids costly site updates to add a new payment functionality, meaning you're always up-to-date. 

multiple systems

An integrated solution

KxPayments removes the need for logging in and out of several different systems or chasing finance teams. You can simply review and manage all payment plans directly from KxStudent. 

Produce management

Schedule future payments

A powerful feature of KxPayments - recurring card payment (RCP) means that you can schedule thousands of future card payments and ensure they will be collected on time and without any issues.

Open Banking

Take your KxPayments experience to the next level by offering your customers a quick and secure payment option.

Why Open Banking?

Lower transaction costs

Immediate settlement

Low, or even zero, fraud

Nearly zero failure rates

No charge backs

Reduced admin

Improved cash flow

Better customer experience

Easier reconciliation

Reduced compliance

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parcel management


Speed up collections and create more space for increasing parcel volumes.



Student accommodation inventory control software that assists the inspection process

event data management

Kx Archiver

The tool that helps you to comply with GDPR, providing the ability to remove and anonymise data. 

KX Support

Kx Hosting

The complete hosting solution covering set-up, deployment and on-going maintenance. 

Easily manage and grow your student accommodation portfolio & conferencing operation with Kinetic's world-leading software