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After weeks, even months, of getting your venue ready to reopen its doors, a sense of "normality" is finally being resumed! (HOORAY!)

Although you have everything set-up to adhere to social distancing measurements, it's more important than ever before to ensure your venue remains CLEAN and SPOTLESS all-year round.

We've got some tips to share on how you can do this.

1. Say goodbye to queues!

You don't need us to tell you that your reception areas simply can't be a waiting area anymore! Having groups of people waiting around will not only disencourage social distancing measures but also causes frustration for those waiting to speak to your reception desk. Your teams need to be checking guests in as soon as they arrive! To do this, have your registration process available on a mobile or tablet device. This means that as soon as the guest steps into your doors, you can take their name and VOILA - they're ready to go!


2. Less walking, more talking!

As many event managers will agree, most days consist of running around like a headless chicken with 201 things to do! But with one-way systems in place and other social distancing measures, it's important that you restrict the amount of movement around your venue. So rather than having to run back to your desk to check a conference room plan or an event delegates details, have all this information accessible from your mobile or tablet device. This also means you can focus more on delivering an outstanding customer service, than running back and forth.


3. Clean your rooms immediately

As your cleaning regimes are likely to have become more thorough and time-consuming, it's important that if you have bedrooms, as soon as they become vacant, the housekeeping team get to work straight away. This will not only remove the need of customers having to wait in reception until their room is clean, but also means housekeeping don't have a backlog of rooms to be cleaned.

An effective way of doing this, is by having them use a mobile or tablet device to instantly update the status of a room on the go. This will automatically feed into your back-office system, where the front of house team can notify the guest that their room is ready..


We hope you find these tips useful and are ready to keep your venue SAFE and SPOTLESS, whilst adhering to social distancing measurements.

If you're keen to put these tips into action, then check out KxMobile, as this will be your starting point to success!

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.