ResLife and Student Wellbeing
The impacts of Covid-19 are ongoing - Student Minds found that in September, 63% of students felt the pandemic continued to negatively impact their mental health.  

The pandemic continues to shape students’ experiences and there is still a long way to go before all students can truly thrive at university without facing barriers, according to research by Student Minds which illustrates the scale of the problem; two-thirds of students with a current or previous mental health issue have not disclosed this to their university and just 58% of returning students felt ready to take the next step up academically ahead of the 2021/22 academic year. 

At Kinetic, we believe technology plays an essential part in helping our university-customers address this challenge. Our team is passionate about Student Life, the product that helps universities record, track and measure incidents and concerns, allowing them to intervene proactively and support their students through their journey at university. Our customers use Student Life which, in addition to recording interactions, concerns and incidents, includes case management, scorecards and performance dashboards, to incorporate student wellbeing within their measures of success. 

We have proven that Student Life helps universities better manage student wellbeing in residences. It allows residential teams to engage all of their staff in building awareness and relationships with their students. Crucially, it embeds this into a residential setting that joins up the dots between people, buildings and processes and then summarises activities in performance dashboards.”
David Wilkes, Chief Transformation Officer at Kinetic

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Student Life has been built for residential teams managing halls of residence, extending to pastoral, security and wider wellbeing teams. It is easy to roll out at scale, works with Kinetic’s student products, or as a standalone solution.   


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