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Improving higher education with technology and systems

The higher education industry is notorious for being behind digitally; with some institutions still relying on paper, others working on multiple different systems and some having their own less than helpful in-house systems.

However, universities are realising the immense value that IT teams can bring. They are beginning to rely on them to discover technology that can help reduce costs, make things run more efficiently, and to ensure all systems possess the highest security.

technology & systems

Are you battling with these challenges?

multiple systems

Managing multiple systems

Working across several different systems is causing inefficiencies within teams as the systems are not talking to each other, work is being duplicated and time is being wasted. It also causes the IT department issues as they need to perform software updates, and when there are several systems, this can become very time-consuming.

high pressure

Feeling the pressure

The amount of pressure the IT and systems departments are under within higher education has been heavily increasing over the past 5 years. This is mainly as institutions are starting to recognise the value technology can bring, and the amount of time it can save.

Data security and breaches

There are so many rules and regulations around data management, especially with the addition of GDPR considerations. It is a very complex area to understand, let alone comply with. If you are dealing with this manually it can be very challenging. Plus, if you are found to have a data breach, the fines can result in a big loss for the organisation.


Being on-premise

Being on-prem takes up a lot of space with the hardware needed. It has high costs associated with keeping the hardware and licensing up-to-date and it is very time-consuming. It also means that all system updates need to be processed in house.


Lengthy training for in-house systems

In-house systems tend to have difficult interfaces that aren't very intuitive and there are rarely in-house training materials. There tends to be one or two super users who will usually be expected to train new staff which is very time consuming. Having such few people with this abundance of knowledge is also very risky; if these super users were to leave, it would have a profound impact.

connect to 3rd parties

3rd party integrations

You ideally want to be able to integrate with other platforms such as student records and finance software to eliminate manual tasks, increase efficiency and reduce duplication. However, you might be facing restrictions due to the inability of your processes or current software.

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