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In 2018, our focus was to 'give customers control'. We wanted you to have the ability and independence to tailor your Kx experience by offering more access and enable you to take full ownership of reporting and templates. With the latest version of Kx, this is exactly what we’ve done!

Edit you own templates

In the past, there may have been times where you’ve needed to make changes to report templates. Whether this be a simple label or image change, to a complex restructure of reports. The old process meant you had to contact our support desk and we’d schedule and action at our earliest opportunity.

Well not any more…

With Kx2018, we’ve introduced a template maintenance editor that provides you with the relevant permissions to make changes to static images, label text, fonts or field text. You can even change the format of fields that return either currencies or dates! And don’t worry if you make an error! An automatic back-up of the report is taken before any changes are made. You can also copy, back-up and rollback templates should you wish.

Other features of the new template editor include the ability for the event booking contract and residential booking contract to be configured to allow selection of different templates, depending on the related business type, event type and site and sales type. For invoice templates you can also allow selection on VAT exempt status and invoice language. 

Find out more about the template editor


Create your own reports

Have you ever tried to run extracts and build reports? We know, it’s not a simple task! Previously you would’ve needed some knowledge of SQL and database structure, as well as knowledge on the report builder. It was probably easier to ask a member of the Kinetic team to create the report, but this would usually have been chargeable. We saw this as an opportunity to make your life easier. Introducing the new quick design functionality in KxPlorer.

The new feature allows you to quickly create reports through a simple drag and drop interface. Reports can include fields from a variety of different sources and the results can be filtered and sorted to achieve the desired results. You can then present the data in a variety of ways including exciting new charting options.

Find out more about the quick design functionality


Edit address files yourself

As you may be aware, the data file provided for a postcode lookup has a limited lifespan. Once the file has expired, the post code lookup functionality ceases to work. You may be familiar with having to request a new copy of the file which our support team then deploys for you. Because the expiry dates vary, you have to track when your current file expires and remember to have it renewed prior to losing access to the service. Not the easiest of processes!

With the new QAS Postcode Lookup Update Tool, you can easily download and deploy the latest version of the QAS data file, without having to contact the support team. You will also receive an email reminder when a new version of the file is available, so you don’t forget to update it.

Find out more about the postcode lookup tool


Upgrade and log errors easily

Having a smooth upgrade process is one that is very important to us. We aim to provide the best possible Kx experience and upgrading your applications can help do this. With the new release, improvements have been made to the upgrade application to enable easier upgrades. We have also improved the error logging process to make it quicker and simpler to log any unexpected errors that might occur as well as enable the viewing of workarounds. 

We’re very passionate about increasing performance at Kinetic. Going forward you can expect planned, controlled & regular service packs with this release. Check out the Kx2018 release notes for more information.

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