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Only two weeks left till C3X conference hosted by National Association of College Auxiliary Services (NACAS) in Orlando. The C3X is hosted annually with the aim to bring together over 700 higher education institutions and nearly 200 NACAS business partners to share their experience on how the modern auxiliary services enrich the campus lives. This event promises to be especially extraordinary as NACAS are celebrating their 50th anniversary!

So, what to expect at C3X 2018 this year? With impressive list of motivational speakers, from Kelsey Harmon Finn, Chief Executive Officer, NACAS to Leland Melvin, NASA Astronaut/Former Pro-Footballer, and variety of educational sessions it looks like there will be something to see and learn for everyone. If you’re visiting this year, why not start your day with water aerobics or lovely breakfast provided by NACAS partners, continued by keynote sessions and, of course, an exhibition. All 3 days offer impressive opportunity for networking, learning and, what’s very important, fun opportunities.

With Kinetic playing such a big part in higher education sector, we could not miss this event as well. Once you get to the exhibition area, head to the booth 821 to see our company representative Danny. He is our super positive colleague and will brighten up your day for sure!

What can you expect at our stand this year?

  • Let’s start with a cup of coffee as what can be a better conversation warm-up than a coffee? Well, we’re talking daytime here!
  • If you are our customer already, why not stop by and check whether you’re using your Kx system to its full potential. Danny also would be happy to assist you with any other queries you might have.
  • If you never heard of Kinetic or have and would like to find out more, pop over to learn about Power of One system that could manage your events from initial inquiry to final invoice – true one-stop-shop experience for both your team and customers.
  • Last but not least, you could leave our stand with some lovely give-aways! Let us leave out the details and surprise you…

Come and say hello to Danny at booth 821 at C3X on October 14-17 in Orlando! Don’t forget to tag us on social media with the hashtag #ConnectWithKx. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!